What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process to increase website position in Search Engines naturally or Organically by incrementing search engine friendly elements into a Website. SEO is mainly used get more customer through on-line. When user search a thing in Search Engine, the result will be displayed based on Websites SEO. So if you need get more valuable customer through on-line,You should need SEO for your website. We often hear stories where someone’s hired an SEO person from out of state to “perform SEO on their site”. They generally pay a high and, of course, haven’t seen any results from it. That’s because search engine optimization, also referred to as search engine marketing or just SEO is no longer a one time show. It used to be. There was a time, long ago, when there was no offsite SEO, only onsite SEO, and shall we say, not so legitimate SEO techniques, such as keyword stuffing and masking, or when offsite SEO did come into the picture and link farming was actually practiced with some success.Web Promotion - SEO helps you to root Your Business Success & Route To Boost Up Your Website on Top Of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and most popular Search Engines


Social media, which is popularly known as social networking, is rapidly becoming the staple form of content over the Internet. Social media websites are hugely influential when it comes to directing customer perceptions and influencing their purchasing decisions. A powerful presence on social media will help you steer customer perceptions in the direction you want.Our SMO Services is to put your company on a certain position wherein you can tap into the incredible two way relationship between customers and businesses. Through our competitive analysis, social media audit, custom built strategies for interactions, and other social media marketing strategies, we will help you take the advantages of the platform and successfully drive visitors to your website. Our dedicated Social Media team works alongside the in-house Content and Digital teams to activate and manage new audiences across all channels – Google, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, online media and everything else in between with industry’s best tools.We customize the design, the content and conversation that is relevant to the target audience for the brand.


EGS is Leading Bulk SMS Gateway Provider in India.Creative Point has various solutions for corporates,small scale industries and Retail sectors.It Includes High Quality Messaging Gateway solution,Bulk Email Marketing,Voice call Broadcasting services,Missed call alerts services,Quality Web Hosting and Seo services.EGS as a Bulk SMS Gateway company ensures Effective business communications and we provide lots of ideas,platform to run effective marketing campaigns and digital possiblities to engage customers.Bulk SMS services refer to the delivery of large number of SMS messages to a large group of customers within a few seconds. Bulk SMS services are widely used by corporates, banks and businesses to send alerts, notifications, reminders and transaction details, etc.We have given service to all types of industry and public like share market, school, hospital, college, retail shop, biometric, billing software, travel industry, recharge industry, church, temple function, wedding, birthday, wishes. If you’re company is looking bulk SMS services please do not hesitate to call us +91 7867878232, we are there to provide you world class support


PROMOTIONAL SMS - It is used to send any type of promotional content. Normally promotional SMS are used during festival season for announcing discounts and offers to public. Promotional SMS will not be delivered to DND numbers. We also provide sender id for promotional SMS. DND numbers credit back option is also available. LIONSMS provide detail SMS report, which has total number of SMS delivered and failed. . We also provide android app for sending bulk SMS. Promotional SMS are used mostly by retail shop, election SMS, sending SMS to common public. For demo please call us. Transactional SMS is for company to send information’s to their staff and clients. Transactional SMS will be delivered in their company name (sender id, maximum of 6 characters). Dynamic SMS options are also available, you can send personalized SMS to your client through our excel dynamic plugin. Transactional SMS are used by mostly all type of industries from small scale to large scale industry. SMS will be delivered to all mobile number across India including DND mobile number. We provide best are service at lowest price please call us for demo


Bulk email marketing has become one of the most popular modes of marketing a product or service. It is helpful in generating brand visibility and awareness through tools like email newsletters and bulk email.EGS has a partnership with Yellow Mail, which is one of the most popular websites that provide efficient marketing services.We help you connect with your existing customers as well as your potential customers. We are experts at collecting, managing and segmenting your email subscribers. Through our services we ensure that your company maintains a profitable as well as long term business relationship with its customers. Our web-based application is designed in such a way as to know the needs of your customers and is grounded on an extensive knowledge of ethical mailing practices. .


API INTEGRATION - BULK SMS An Application Programming Interface (SMS APIs) is one way to connect to EGS Core Messaging Platform. SMS API provides an easy, efficient and flexible option to integrate with your website / application, facilitating auto-generated SMS Text messages to be delivered to the intended recipients mobile phones. This method does not require SMSCountry's Software Platform at your Enterprise/Data Center site.API INTEGRATION -VOICE SMS Want to enable existing applications with voice capability ?Integrate our fexibile yet robust Application Programming Interface (API) into your application.You can access the API documentation here :Our technical team will be happy to work with you for all custom all languages for api integration


Text to Speech -With our advanced Text to Speech engine, we can convert your typed message into natural sounding Voice clip. We have over 100 voices that support more than 20 languages. You could also send a custom message to each client for a more personal communication.Record & Send -Perfect solution for sending updates and alerts on the go. Record you message from your phone and our system will broadcast to your users based on your settings.Set up :Login to your account and create groups for users in your address book.Assign group ids to the groups in your address book.Add phone numbers that are authorised to use Record&Go feature.Usage:Call our phone number from any of the registerd phone numbers to record your message.Once you save the message, select the group id to which you want to send the message.Our system will transmit the message immediately as phone calls.Your account is only billed for the answered calls.Outbound Dialer -Communicate with your users in their own language. Outbound Dialer is great tool for overcoming language and literacy barriers.Ways to create a voice clip:Call our number and follow the prompts to record your message. Enter the phone number you recorded the clip from and we will get your recording,Upload a clip that is already created and we will use it,Type in your content and our advanced text-to-speech engine will convert it into a natural sounding voice clip.Re-use a clip that you have used/created before.


Customer Surveys Capture the feedback of your customers with voice calls. Using our automated voice surveys, you can collect valuble input for your business without overheads .How it works:Record your message and questions that you want to ask your customers.You can also enter the text for your questions and we will convert it into voice.For each question , set up values for the user response keys.Broadcast your survey using our online portal or by using our API. We report back the results to your questions in easy to understand graphs.Pay Per Usage With our transparent pricing and billing, you only pay for what you use.Why choose us:There are no monthly charges on your account.We do not charge monthly maintenence fee .Only answered calls are billed to your account.Using our detailed delivery reports, you can see the status of all the calls made.Make communications personal using our Voice SMS solutions