Our Mobile Development Services will offer latest technologies to create mobile software solutions for various platforms such as iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone.Stable and secure mobile apps for all types of mobile platforms.We develop smarter and feature-rich mobile applications that transcend user expectations by harnessing the power of mobile technology .EGS offer high quality mobile apps at cost-effective prices to empower your business and reach your target audience at ease.We offer Development of web services for Android Mobile application which includes graphic design and UI elements. Mobile APPS development is growing fast in the IT market.EGS has proven Mobile Application Development expertise to address your needs from simple SMS alert to full-blown Mobile Product Development requirements. We focus on mobile application needs and how it will fit within existing businesses. Even if one has a brief business concept of a mobile application,EGS will deliver a comprehensive solution that meets their business .


Android technology is the emergin technology used in the mobile applications. Google and Open Handset Alliance developed this framework and mobile operating system called Android. Android technology is designed in Linux operating system. Developers can write code in java language for Android technology. Therefore android mobile application development can be done using java language and android framework. Android interface design is a multitasking setting.Experience your Android application Development through us. We have expertise in Android game application development, Google Android development using java language and android framework. We are also sound in creating other android application / mobile applications, testing in a simulator, and porting to mobile devices.Android aplication is suitable for Communication Android app,Business Android app, Multimedia Android App, Travel Android Application development, Internet Android Application development,Fun Android App development


If your website is not mobile friendly, you could be missing out not only on traffic and potential customers, but on the future of the internet.There are now an estimated 2 billion mobile phones in the world and smart phones are now outselling PC.We develop Mobile websites for mobile devices such as iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian & Windows Phone.Get more visitors on the go and drive 13% more audience than PC traffic.Having a mobile friendly website will be a necessity rather than a nice-to-have. Get your mobile website now by fill the order form.More than 25% of mobile phone owners around the world have browsed the Internet via a mobile handset. Market research agencies are speculating that mobile web browsing might become the next dominant Internet platform. For many consumer-driven companies this means that having a mobile site version is ideal when people are accessing information on the move. EGS offers mobile website development services that design and develop mobile websites to expand your business presence to the mobile web users. With our mobile expertise, we develop mobile compatible websites that streamline your content and deliver it to your scattered target audience easily.Mobile Browser compatibility to ensure that your website works fine on all handsets.Mobile Website architecture is designed to give the user a good browsing experience by taking care of color schemes used, minimum scrolls, less typing, etc.


Jump start to see emerging mobile user interface design patterns. We build User Experience - immersive, engaging and sticky experiences that sustain the needs of passionate users.We make software more productive, simple, approachable and fun We have proven track record in developing and customizing mobile applications for clients all over the world .Our domain expertise includes multiple mobile platforms including iPhone / iPad, Android and Blackberry.Dedicated team of mobile design experts to make your project a complete success.Today’s technology provides a lot in terms of devices, tool, gadgets and what not. But what stands out is the user interface design (UI) and user experience (UX), i.e. how a user feels while using a particular website. Same stands for mobiles. The Mobile UI Design services take charge at this time. Having an interesting, engaging and engrossing Mobile UI will naturally give the user an experience that would be wanted to be experienced again.The design team at EGS has used its experience gained over the years in each and every project of Mobile UI Design to provide what is best suited for the customers. Our expertise at the development of mobile UI design is exhibited by the instantaneous reflexes and responses to the action initiated by the user. We crave for creativity, implement it and bring out the best results. We take utmost care that the mobile UI design is made user friendly and interactive.


Our Mobile digital media services encompass migration of content from almost any format to digital format.A fully hosted mobile e-publishing solution that can automatically render content to a mobile device based on device characteristics Have your publication available to millions of people all over the world through your very own branded app.Truly digital media solutions to optimize your content including text, image, video and audio, across 100% of your site for your Mobile Web users.


Our Apps products are designed to be both good looking and powerful for any business as well as any global market scetor. We also develop mobile applications product as companions for the desktop and web applications that the client requires. This way we give them a seamless transition of their work between their desktop, web and mobile.these apps make perople oriented software with reality as well as innovative.EGS team will be assigned and directed in accordance with the needs of the client.