Organizations – regardless of industry – gather huge volumes of data from their Web channels, but are often challenged to generate business value from it. To make informed business decisions, you must be able to efficiently convert the volume and variety of raw Web data into knowledge. Click-throughs and visitor counts are not enough – you need to know who’s visiting your website and what the experience is like in order to develop the most effective campaigns and marketing strategies. You also need to know where your site visitors are coming from. Which keywords drive the most traffic? How can you optimize the ROI on your paid searches? To get answers, you must be able to decipher what your Web data is telling you. SAS Web Analytics is the key. SAS Web Analytics automatically turns raw Web data into valuable business information. Driven by advanced analytics, the solution lets you monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and understand the factors that influence each business metric. This, in turn, lets you successfully refine your marketing and service strategies to achieve your business goals.


EMSPLUS is a comprehensive campus management system for schools, colleges and universities. Through the state of art technology and proven experience of a dedicated team, this ERP will be able to adapt to any type of institution. The perfect blend of academic and operational modules covers all the activities of the institution. Roles based modules, role based screens and role based functionality make the whole application a robust and secured web application.This project dealt with analyzing for education institution in various functionalities .this analytics has successfully come a long way in providing the most flexible for decision making. educational professionals are faced with the challenge of finding answers to a variety of complex issues. They need accurate information to help them measure program effectiveness, strategically allocate resources, monitor student performance and more.We provide dash board for each stake holder of the application separately viz, Top level management, HOD, Staff, Students and parents. Most expected information of each stake holder will be provided in the same place which avoids the time and complexity of navigating to different forms to get the same information. This gives a bird's eye view of the information residing inside the application. Bar charts, pie charts etc., will help the user make the right inference at the quickest possible time.Seeing is believing and getting information in a pictorial form in the form of Graphs, Bar charts and pie chart, interpretation of information is much easier and understandable. Comparison of performance of the students for the staff and the performance of the staff for the HOD and the management is represented through various time of charts make the user comfortable.
Student based analyses in Enquiry, Admission, Attendance, Academic, technical profile and history.
Staff based analyses in appraisal, academic performance, Attendance.
Admin can change passwords for users, add, and delete users with easy
Cash management based analyses in income, expenses, investment, outstanding fund flow ,cash flow analyses
Fees based analyses in collection from head wise and pending from head wise
Mess based analyses inwards and purchase deviation analysis.
Other analyses in Complaints and feedback , Event management , Fine collection,

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Midmarket and small business analytics

Midmarket and small business analytics that deliver advanced data analysis in an easy-to-use package. True predictive insights that unearth opportunities you would otherwise miss. And the ability to solve even your most intractable problems, with minimal dependence on IT, through: Easy analytics You don’t have to be a rocket scientist – or even a data scientist – to get value out of big data with sophisticated analytics for small and midmarket businesses. Our drag-and-drop approach to analytics means no coding is required. SAS gives you statistical analysis, reporting and high-impact visuals – all from one vendor, all in one package – directly from your PC. Automated forecasting. Access state-of-the-art forecasting methods with an easy-to-use GUI that puts the power of SAS forecasting at your fingertips without having to write code. Our solution automatically selects the most appropriate model and parameters from a comprehensive repository. Desktop data mining Find the most lucrative opportunities, get insights into hidden relationships, and plan confidently for the future using proven techniques and a drag-and-drop interface that take the guesswork out of building models. By SAS Make decisions based on facts – not gut feel. Predict which decisions will lead to the best outcomes. And free IT from time-consuming, ad hoc query and reporting tasks. Only midmarket and small business analytics from SAS empower you to: Access, manipulate, analyze and present data directly from your PC. A complete set of powerful data analysis and graphical tools lets you access data from nearly any source, analyze it and transform it into meaningful information. You can then present the information in high-impact visuals that enable decision makers to quickly grasp critical issues. Run SAS from a familiar Microsoft Office environment. A wide range of sophisticated statistical analysis capabilities are available directly from Excel, Word or PowerPoint, and data access engines let you tap into a variety of data sources – e.g., Excel, Access, dBase, Lotus or any ODBC-compliant data source. Improve your forecasts and your business decisions. Generate trustworthy forecasts quickly and automatically with access to forecasting techniques not otherwise available via desktop office productivity tools. Get powerful SAS data mining and machine learning capabilities right on your PC. Highly evolved data exploration, variable transformation and analytical modeling techniques make it easy for analytics professionals and business analysts to design and collaborate on predictive analytics projects.